Astronomical Sketches  by Alexander Massey
Some of the works done by Alexander:
Prints:  Available - limited edition
Prints:  Available - limited edition
Globular cluster 47Tuc, NGC 104,
Original:  Available
Prints:  Available - limited edition
Prints:  Available - limited edition
using a 17.5" Karee dobsonian telescope.
Prints:  Available - limited edition
using 8" SCT
Prints:  Available - limited edition
Alexander Massey also produces sketches of Deep Sky Objects, the Moon and the planets.  Images of these are regulary published in leading amateur astronomy forums such as the Australian based Ice In Space, and the US based Cloudynights.  His sketches have also featured on Astronomy Sketch of the Day.

His work has also won international astronomy sketching competitions, including the Inaugural Scott Mellish Sketching Competition hosted by the Astronomical Society of New South Wales, 2012, in both categories of Deep Sky Objects and Solar System, and the Inaugural Sketching Competition hosted by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, 2012.  Alexander's sketches have also appeared in Sky and Telescope magazine and a feature article about Alex's works appeared in Astronomy magazine in 2016.

Alex's pieces are typically small, intense and precious items.  His lunar sketches are normally done on A5 size black paper, and Deep Sky Objects on A4 size black paper.  In the list below, unless otherwise note, the original pieces of these respective sizes.

Alex is now offering his art work now only available as limited edition numbered prints.  Their size and percious nature make these artworks a perfect astronomy themed gift..

The limited edition numbered prints are printed from a high resolution digital photograph taken of the artwork, not a digital scan.  It is only through a photograph that the best and truest rendition of the piece can be made as the lighting can be fully controlled.  A digital scan brings up too much glare from the sheen of the paper substrate and so requires signifcant digital manipulation of the image to control these artifacts.  The digital photographic print has no computer manipulation of the image, giving the truest possible likeness to the original.  Tonal variation between the media and substrate are maintained as seen in the original artwork.  These prints will be made to the exact size of the original and include the same information as the original.

Above is a list of only a few of the pieces on offer.  The limited edition numbered prints once all sold will also be noted as such.  Prices for these are listed in the "price list" page of this site.

Artist's Blog

Alexander has a blog where shows his most recent completed pieces, shares his techniques and experiences.  You will find his blog at Alexander's Astronomy Sketching.

The art works Alex has on offer is continuously expanding.  Please check out his blog site for new pieces and older works.