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We use the telescopes we build! Here is a short video of Alex Massey using one of his Kulalee telescopes at the 2016 Queensland Astrofest to sketch M8, the Lagoon Nebula.
There's more to us than just building telescopes.
We build our instruments from actually using telescopes and following our own niche within astronomy.  This is where much of our inspiration for how we do things comes from.  Alex's own blog is where he gets his hands dirty with astronomy.
Gondwana Telescopes Launches new products line of Observing Aids
We are proud to announce our new line of unique and innovative range of Observing Aids.

These items are all handcrafted and designed to for comfort and maximise one's observing experience and productivity.

Currently starting with Blinking Paddles and Observing Chairs, these are a line of experience tuned items.

You will find these products in our new "Observing Aids" page.
Gondwana Telescopes coupled to an equatorial platform
A recently completed Kulali telescope found a new mate to expand its capabilities with an equatorial platform.

The last two pictures below show the full range of movement of an equatorial platform, giving a total tracking time of 1hr.
Marana wins again!
At the recent Astrofest in Queensland, Marana again won in the telescope building competition for best dobsonian.  Marana was awarded for the prize for workmanship, innovation, materials and useability.
image-96051-Astrofest 2014 ATM award.JPG?1407755094501
Up coming events and demonstrations
Three dobs in one car?

Believe it or not, there are two 12" Marana dobs and a 17.5" Karee dob in this station wagon.  These were the three instruments taken up to Astrofest this year for a round trip of 2150km, and with all the camping gear and supplies packed around them.  Peace of mind in transporting your telescope is one of the principles behind each and every Gondwana Telescopes instrument.

image-96258-packed in car (2).JPG?1407757229751
image-96260-packed in car (1).JPG?1407757262150
Queensland Astrofest, July 18 to July 27, 2014

Gondwana Telescopes will be attending this year's Queensland Astrofest.  This major Queensland star party is held at Camp Duckadang near the little township of Linville, approximately 2hrs north-west of Brisbane.  Gondwana Telescopes will be there from Thursday 24 to Sunday 27.

A special presentation of both Karee and Marana will be conducted on Saturday 26.  Participants will also be invited to make use of these telescopes during the three evenings that Gondwana Telescopes will be attending.

Alexander Massey will also be presenting two workshops, one on Observing Tips followed up with one on Astronomical Sketching using the Mellish Technique.  At the end of the sketcing workshop, attendees will be invited to have a go at using the Mellish Technique with materials provided.
Katoomba Airfield, New South Wales, Australia, 28th June 2014

Gondwana Telescopes will be attending Katoomba Airfield with Marana and Karee models on show.  Both telescope models will be available to use during the night.

These gatherings are informal, and newcomers to astronomy are most welcome.

What happened at the Airfield???

Sadly conditions were not in our favour.  Some forecasts for the night predicted the wind to ease and the cloud to clear.  Other forecasts maintained the strong winds and cloud to remain.  Well, the latter forecasts won out.  But, all was not lost.  While we were not able to set up our telescopes, we were able to light a bon fire in the fire pit of the campground that exists on the Airfield grounds.  The evening became a very enjoyable one all the same, with a merry blaze to warm ourselves by, and plenty of time to chew the fat.

Gondwana Telescopes.
Marana wins on Innovation, Design and Craftmanship

Marana won in the 2014 South Pacific Star Party's (SPSP) Telescope Building Competition for its innovative features, design and craftmanship.

The SPSP is the largest annual star party held in Australia, and is organised by the Astronomical Society of New South Wales.  It is held at the Society's rural property 'Wiruna' at Ilford, New South Wales, three and half hours west of Sydney.  The Telescope Building Competition is a major feature in SPSP, and sees many entrants with not just telescopes, but also visual and practical accessories.